When Manjul began cartooning 20 years ago, he thought he would change the world. So far, he has only changed the way readers look at cartoons across various Indian publications
such as India Today, The Economic Times, The Indian Express, Outlook and Tehelka, but that’s good enough for starters— he is only 35.

Manjul is currently Chief Cartoonist at the Mumbai-headquartered Daily News and Analysis, where his 2-3 daily cartoons do not spare anyone —
politicians, businessmen, sportsmen,
even sanctimonious godmen. And yes, he still believes he can change the world.

Sachin Kalbag
Digital Editor, Mail Today
April, 2008

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To be cartoonist in this day & age, it needs qualities found in rare individuals inherited or cultivated. More rare are editors who understand cartoonists. To be a cartoonist is one thing to be cartoonist with human touch is more rare.  Manjul belongs to the latter is confirmed who ever comes to interact with him on a personal level.  May his breed of human cartoonist grow for the cartooning to survive in our country.  All the best.

Vijay Narain Seth (VINS)
Independent Arts and Crafts Professional
July, 2010

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I stumble on your recent cartoons on MF Husain and baba Ram Dev. They are superb. They are excellent. They are full of humour.

Jaspal Bhatti
Satirist, Actor, Director & Producer
November, 2011

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Manjul Interview in FHM

Appeared in FHM India, June 2012

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